Same account launch game from different device roblox

same account launch game from different device roblox

same account launch game from different device roblox

That won't happen anymore, thanks to this application, which takes care of managing different user accounts. To use it, you just need to enter the directory containing your games, and the folder where the save files are stored - that's it. From then on out, you can launch your game from there. SaveGame Profiler is a useful tool for gamers.

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Just launch the game on your Android device, recover your iOS or Windows 10 progress and get back into action with your squad and base completely intact. Synchronize the game regularly to make sure your progress is uploaded to the game servers and you will be able to return back and play all other versions of the game simultaneously with the ...

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If you'd like to transfer gameplay to a new device, please contact technical support with a description of the situation and your game id. You can contact technical support via the game (settings -> help), or via the website. Note: you can only transfer gameplay once and you can’t play with the same account on both iOS and Android devices.

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